Trilobite Fossils in Morocco [Introducing geological excursions in Morocco]

For those who are interested in Trilobites
Let’s live the beat of ancient times of 250 million years ago!
(Trilobites appeared during the Paleozoic era, about 542 million to 251 million years ago)
This article is for introducing Mr. Mohand Ihmadi, a geologist in Morocco. (November 30,2019)

Again, this is only for those who are already acquainted with Trilobites, so I will directly talk about the excavation experience in Morocco.

Let’s go to Morocco and hunt for Trilobite fossils
In early 2019, without having any information or connections, I came to the east side of the Atlas Mountains, along the Sahara Desert in Morocco. After asking around about fossil localities I finally arrived at Alnif.
Alnif is a small village of about 3000 people, mostly inhabited by the ancient Berber people.
I met Mohand Ihmadi whose work was based in Alnif.

Mohand took me to the locality where the Paleozoic layer was exposed, and I started cracking the rocks dug from the layer using a hammer.
In most of the rocks, a part of trilobite was embedded. While feeling the aura of the many fossils around, I kept working until I met a fossil that was completely intact.
It was an extremely powerful and luxurious experience.
Hm? What to do with the trilobite you found?
By removing the unnecessary parts by hammer and cleaning carefully by air scrub tool, turn it into my most desirable form and…. bring it home with me.
Here is a few specific information.
The cost of Mohand’s geological excursion: A group of 1-4people: 80EUR(9840JPY)/day.
Japanese translator: plus 50EUR (6150JPY)/day
(Mohand speaks English. The language spoken in Alnif are Berber or French)
If 4 of you join in one group, the cost for one person becomes significantly lower.

The above information is for those who can travel to Alnif by themselves. However, Morocco is far foreign land.
Mohand has offered to give transportation service between Casablanca and Alnif.
Plan for 7days excursion with transportation service
A group of 1-2people:700EUR (86100JPY)/person
A group of 3-4people:600EUR (73800JPY)/person
【model plan to Alnif, Morocco】
Day1: Arrive at Casablanca and Mohand will pick you up at the airport.
Stay one night at the west part of Morocco, on the Atlantic Ocean side.
Have a briefing about the geology of Morocco at the accommodation.

Day2: Begin travelling over the Atlas Mountains and reach Alnif,which is located by the Sahara Desert.
Take a good rest at the accommodation for tomorrows experience.

Day3: The first day of your excursion for trilobite fossils will finally begin.
Mohand will take you to any localities you like, including those from the Cambrian, Ordovician, and Devonian period.

Day4: 2nd day of excursion, let’s try to visit a different locality.

Day5: Take a workshop for cleaning fossils you gathered (They call this process “preparation”) and get explanations about the different trilobites, such as their inhabited period, etc.

Day6: Mohand will send you to Casablanca, and you will fly for Japan.

The costs above do not include the flight ticket to Casablanca.
Costs for transportation between Casablanca and Alnif, accommodation, meal,workshop,
and Mohand’s geological excursions are included.
And if you have other plans, please feel free to ask Mohand.
For contact, please directly send an email to Mohand


Please type your message in English with using half-width characters.

An example of an email

subject:Ihmadi tour for Japanese

Name:morokosi taro
Start day of this tour:29.Feb.2020
How many days:6days
Number of people:4people

please tell me a good plan and the price per person under these conditions.

kerotomo_mail.jpgIf you need more information about the trip to Alnif in Japanese,
please feel free to send an email to us.


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